Magnesium Hydroxide Building

New Magnesium Hydroxide Building
New Magnesium Hydroxide Building

Magnesium hydroxide is used for pH adjustment and alkalinity control in the biological nutrient removal process.  The building was constructed with state-of-the-art green infrastructure including:

  • A vegetated roof to provide stormwater management by reducing the flow directed to the stormwater system, improved insulation with the additional layers of soil and vegetation, extending the roof life by protecting the membrane roof from the sun’s UV rays, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions with the plants converting carbon dioxide to oxygen as they grow.
  • A water-to-water heat pump utilizing plant effluent, which typically averages about 60°F throughout the year, to supplement the heating and cooling systems.
  • A solar wall to reduce the heating load.  Outside air is preheated by the sun before entering the air handling unit, reducing energy consumption in the winter months.
  • Passive natural lighting is provided by windows on the east and north sides of the building throughout the day.  Windows on the west and south side of the building were reduced, which limits the direct sunlight to the facility during the warmer months thereby reducing cooling needs.
  • Porous pavers installed around the facility allow rainwater to infiltrate into the ground, reducing flow directed to the stormwater collection system. 

The green infrastructure design concepts that were used on this building help to decrease the environmental impact and operating costs for the new facility, as well as provide a “pilot study” to determine whether they can be used elsewhere at Upper Blackstone.

See a poster illustrating the features of our new building!